ZARINA SUBHAN | Oxford University Press

Zarina Subhan is a freelance teacher trainer and has been working in the field of ELT for over 30 years. She has taught at all levels, in both private and government institutions, worldwide. She has worked in/with educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary), educational policy makers, NGOs, community leaders, local government and in a variety of training contexts. She is now a freelance materials writer and teacher educator. Zarina’s time is spent between delivering training and writing materials. Having worked in the science, educational and development sectors, her interests are the neurology of learning; CLIL; inclusive education and the continuing professional development of teachers’ skills. She wishes to help create a sustainable education for the consequent development of people, communities, institutions and thus countries.

31 August | 10:45 a.m. | Zoom

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

And that’s what gets results” – so goes the song (originally sung by Ella Fitzgerald). Sometimes the exact same activity done with one group of students can be an absolute success, but with another group a complete flop. So, the song makes perfect sense if we consider how we make our students feel and that perhaps this is what helps us achieve that corresponding feeling of success. ‘Feelings’ are difficult to manage at the best of times, but how on earth can we manage them remotely? While online teaching has a great deal of things to manage, it can also open doors and allow some (otherwise painfully shy) learners to shine. With the future of teaching looking like a hybrid of classroom-based and remote learning scenarios, we cannot simply hope and pray for a return to face-to-face classes. Therefore, in my session I aim to look at how we can strike a balance to get the most out of both worlds and begin to deal with those ‘feelings’, both in and out of the classroom.