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September 27th, 2019


Grand Salon – 3:45 pm.

Picture of Ximena vega amat y león

Ximena vega amat y león

CEO Claridad Coaching Estratégico


The future of our brand

This presentation will be based on confirmed facts, tendencies and tensions expected in the future. Latin ADN is breathed deeply. The magic of our roots is in life´s contradictions. We have been defined as spirit hackers and we are fighting against the system in a reality between passion and cynicism. We still talk about technological revolution, but we all are beginners in the subject and we are learning in our way. Who says this is not true is a liar. Technology gives more power to those who have power already. Purpose killed positioning. The simple, honest brands win because of their transparency. The average of a person´s initial attention is 8 seconds. The same which the short term memory of a golden fish takes. Collaborative work is a tendency, but it´s not useful if you don´t learn something while practicing it.

  • Graduated in Advertising and Marketing. Postgraduate in Kellogg University USA. In 2018, she has studied Innovation Management in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Harvard (Boston).
  • Currently Founder and CEO of Claridad Coaching Estratégico.
  • Women Marketeers 2019 Award Winner.
  • “Mujer Empresaria 2019” Award Winner–Peruvian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Founder of the Platform #MujerChambaand Ambassador for Perú in SheLeads,  WeWork’s movement.
  • 20 years experience in Marketing and Advertising.
  • Has been Regional Executive Vice Presidentof FCB/Mayo.
  • Also in charge of the Regional Management of Strategic Planning.
  • Has been member of the Strategy Global Council/FCB, representing Latin America in the world.
  • Has led several jobs at local, regional and global level.
  • Participated in the Advanced Advertising Program (AAP) in Chicago-USA and has followed specialization Senior Trainings in Planning and Research in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Mexico DF, Santiago, Cartagena, Hamburg, Lisbon and Bucharest.
  • 15 years as University Teacher in Pre Master´s Degree and Post Master´s Degree (Academic Excellence Award  – Best Teacher of the Year Award – MBA).
  • “Planner of the Year” / Best Planner of the Year by Adlatina.
  • Collaborator in several massive and specialized media.
  • Columnist for Diario El Comercio, Perú.
  • Speaker in National and International Congresses. (“Best Speaker of the Year Award”).
  • Author of the book “Advertising (as we know it) is Dead”.
  • 33 Effie Awards and 6 Cannes Lions during her career.