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September 27th, 2019


Nazca 1 y 2 – 2:00pm.



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Please Understand Me! A True Teen Reality

In order to understand their inner workings and the reasons why they do certain things we must study their developmental stages carefully. This workshop will look at the emotional life of boys and girls and discuss ways of creating stimulating and motivating classes that build up self-esteem. At this time in their lives it is not just intellectual learning they need, but inner creativity and social emotional strength.

Graduated in Drama, Design and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Lucy is a teacher, teacher trainer and storyteller who has given lectures and workshops around the world. She has been writing for the primary classroom since 2008 and has been involved in projects in South America, Europe and Asia. Lucy is the founder of The Secret Garden English School in Florianopolis, where she teaches children and teenagers using, music, art, drama, gardening and cooking. She has been living and teaching in Brazil since 1992.