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September 27th, 2019


Paracas 2 – 2:55 pm.

Picture of Vicky Saumell

Vicky Saumell


Ways of promoting creativity in the classroom

This session will explore the current issues regarding creativity in education, especially for teaching and learning a language. What is creativity? Who can be considered creative? What are the barriers to creativity? Is a creative teacher enough to promote creativity in students? How can we create the right atmosphere for creativity to arise? We will debate this and I will then share my experience of different tips and strategies for promoting creativity in the classroom. I will share a variety of tasks that include personalization, literature responses and creative language practice by showing examples of my own students´ work, some of which make use of technology.

Vicky Saumell is an English teacher and teacher trainer. She holds a degree in Spanish-English Literary and Technical Translation, a Diploma in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL and a degree in Educational Technology. She is co-author of Teacher Development Interactive:Preparation for the TKT (Pearson), and series consultant for English in Common (Pearson). She is a freelance materials writer and presenter. She is a committee member of the IATEFL LTSIG and IATEFL PubsCom.