Martha Ramirez is an educator and academic consultant. Currently, she is a professor in the Department of Languages and Culture at the Universidad de Los Andes where she also teaches professional development courses on Growth Mindset, Flipped Learning, and Teaching Pronunciation. Martha has a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages from the National Pedagogical University (Bogotá) and a master’s degree in education from the Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá). Martha has worked on flipped learning projects at the University of Oregon, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador and at various universities, schools and institutions in Colombia. She is contributing author to Springer’s publication “Innovations in Flipping the Language Classroom” and has co-written a book on In-class flip with ISTE Publishing entitled “In-Class Flip: A Student-Centered Approach to Differentiated Learning ”. Martha is a member of the Bilingualism and Multilingualism Research Group where she actively investigates about growth mindset in an educational context.

28 September | 10:45 a.m. | Zoom

Designing flipped instructions for differentiated classes

Our students sometimes struggle with instructions and completing them autonomously. What if we could improve how we design instructions from the start so that we can cater to various student needs and support autonomous work? In this session, Martha proposes the design of instructions with a flipped learning approach as a means to achieve differentiated learning in remote, face-to-face, or hybrid teaching scenarios. Martha will walk us through a step-by-step design with clear actions, resources, times, and student roles, among others. Several real-life examples will be shared along with recommendations for effective application using different tools.