BOTC 2023

29 September | 11:15 – 12:00 | ZOOM

Writing for success – Helping students become better writers

“Writing is boring.”   “Writing is too hard.”  “I can´t write.”
Do these phrases sound familiar? 

Class surveys report that most students find writing dull, boring and complex. They claim they lack the necessary tools, language and ideas to tackle writing. In fact, the blank page syndrome is a frequent response in most classrooms when students are faced with a writing task.

What can teachers do to overcome all these obstacles and help students improve their writing skills?

Many things. To begin with, more student-friendly activities can work wonders to change the negative atmosphere in the classroom. In addition, carefully planned lessons together with a wide variety of techniques can definitely help students acquire more fluency in writing. Not only will students be able to learn how to integrate the language they have been exposed to in a meaningful manner but they will learn to put in black and white their ideas and thoughts more easily and with more clarity. 

In this session the speaker will share:

  • Effective strategies to help students plan, organize, revise and edit their work more efficiently.
  • Tips and practical ideas to include meta writing in class; and fun tasks to boost students´ creative writing skills.

Paola Danesi is an English teacher from IES in Lenguas Vivas (J.R. Fernández) with post graduate specialization in English Language II and International Qualifications in Communicative Teaching, Sociolinguistics and Materials Design from a modular TESOL Diploma by Institute of Education, University of London.
She teaches Language III at National Training College IES in Lenguas Vivas (J,R. Fernández).
She holds a position as teacher trainer for Escuela de Maestros (Ministry of Education, Buenos Aires City) to offer in service training to teachers in state-run schools in the 21 districts of Buenos Aires. 
She is in charge of online training sessions for teachers in Bilingual Schools – recently launched bilingual programme in state run schools. 
Ms Danesi is the coordinator of the English department at Iosef Caro School at primary and secondary levels. She is also the English Headmistress at Buenos Aires English High School. 
Ms Danesi has delivered talks in different provinces in Argentina and in other LATAM countries including Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador as a freelancer.